the Kiwi with a Pontine heart

An Italian excellence
In the world

Kiwin was born to valorize the Pontine Kiwi and to increase international awareness of a qualitatively unique product worldwide.

This is possible through the support of an advanced marketing and distribution platform with a Business model focused on the markets of the Middle East and North Africa.


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First in Italy
Second to none in the world

Our objective is to export an excellence of Italian agriculture on highly receptive international markets that today represent an excellent and unprecedented Business opportunity for the producers of our country.



Italy is one of the greatest Kiwi producers worldwide, with 447.560 tons/year (FAO data) and a product#appreciated worldwide for its high quality. 


Around 30% of the Kiwis grown in our country come from the Lazio region


Our Kiwis originate from the Pontine Marshes, a location that falls under the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) logo.